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We connect when we create.

In the space of creating: playing and iterating, focusing and expressing, we often make life for ourselves and others, better.

We know that creativity is good for us: 

* we meaningfully connect us to ourself and others,  

the process lowers our stress and helps us find joy, 

* it is a tool for survival and innovation,  

* plus, it’s the number one skill valued in the workplace today

Creativity makes life better!

Shannon Gerrity, Founder of Creative Flo

Shannon Gerrity, Founder of Creative Flow

How can we connect to our creativity?

Even though creativity is a part of the human operating system, many of us feel creatively stunted, timid, or lost.

If creativity is essential to our well-being and survival,

how can we bridge the creative divide?

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Let's Make Art!

Creative Flow’s process-based methodology

is like a gym for our creative muscle

Creative Flow curates art making experiences to meet specific goals and audiences. 

Our art-making yields one-of-a-kind, authentic art products.  


Creative Flow facilitates holistic art making


* drop-in sessions,

* workshops,

* and events

for organizations and individuals, adults and children,

who value creativity and the creative process

as essential tools for participating in and contributing to the world


We utilize basic materials, guided art prompts, and experienced teaching to

* tap mindfulness and the state of flow,

* help participants feel more confident in their creative muscle

* access their authentic voice,

* produce one-of-a-kind art pieces,

* have fun! 


Anyone can make Creative Flow art,

and everyone can grow from the creative process!

Creative Flow’s purposefully designed process

is informed by Shannon Gerrity’s international and national experience cultivating creativity, community, and connection for adults and children.  Shannon grew up in the performing arts and found the visual arts in college. 

She is a practicing artist represented at City Art Gallery in San Francisco, a California licensed and credentialed educator, a published writer, and a 200-hour Kripalu yoga instructor.

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Shannon Gerrity, Founder of Creative Flow

Translate Creative Flow art making into your

personal and professional life!

Creative Flow knows that creativity is a muscle

that benefits from a regular practice;  we offer packages for on-going, weekly art classes.   

We offer per-person pricing for classes, workshops, and events.

We also offer group pricing and packages.

Our per-person pricing starts at $10 per-person*, for 30-40 minutes.  


*For groups, there is a minimum charge of

$200-$250 per 30-50 minute session, plus tax and processing fee.    

** Please note that our virtual prices are different

than our in-person rates.


We cultivate meaningful, thought provoking, soul sparking, art making!

Creative Flow empowers people to speak the most universal and powerful language

we know: art.

Creative Flow:  

*  spices up parties and corporate events,

*  facilitates on-going classes for employee engagement and well-being, 

speaks at conferences, and on television

*  sits on panels,

consults on creativity,

publishes art lessons and articles and

*  spent time in residency

Creative Flow can be seen on KTVU's television show,

SF Loves Learning, on the segment, Creative Flow with Ms. G.

Creative Flow has worked with

*  Salesforce Park,

*  Dolby, WSGR,

*  Young Audiences,

*  Yerba Buena and Arts Ed Matters,

*  AEABA, 


*  private events and classes.

We are in the process of pouring Creative Flow methodology into

*  an art-making book,

*  seeding a Creative Flow children’s album, and

*  cultivating an ala late-night art talk show.


We will be offering virtual classes for individuals in January, 2021.  Stay in touch with our mailing list!

Follow @FindCreativeFlow on Instagram

to join our free, live art making classes;  previous 30-minute live classes can be accessed and enjoyed on our feed!

Connect to learn about Creative Flow art making packages and pricing and how we can best meet your goal through creativity and art making! 

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