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with authentic art making





Creative Flow is art for the soul and exercise for the brain.

We use art making to strengthen

creativity, productivity, and connectivity.

Plus, it's fun.  And, it's good for you.

Creative Flow brings art making to organizations and individuals

through events, workshops, and drop-in sessions.

Activate Your 

higher-order thinking




Make Art with Creative Flow

Art is for everyone, and anyone can make art.

Creative Flow customizes accessible art making to meet your purpose, place, and people. 

We employ research-based methodology and years of training and experience to guide your creative process.

Experiment, iterate, and express through authentic purpose, community, and productive play. 



Explore out-of-the-box materials to create innovative sculptures.



Experiment with different approaches to creating art using sand, paper,

fiber or bubbles. 



Activate public art and collective collaborations to make art for

a greater good.



Iterate wire, tinfoil, or clay to manifest art that reflects a concept or experience.

Visit @findcreativeflow on Instagram to see our latest projects, products, and inspiration.


Make Meaning Through Art

We empower people to integrate creative practice into their every day life,

building meaningful connection and conscious impact for themselves and others.

Our methodology connects art making to flow to everyday life so you can productively further your purpose.

Process and Create

Design the Intention

Measure the Magic


Translate your creative practice into your daily personal and professional life through Creative Flow's use of graphic organizers, reflection tools, and research-based methodology.


Connect your organization's goals and needs through Creative Flow's intake consultation and tailor-made  art making experiences.


Create one-of-a-kind art products through Creative Flow's design and facilitation. Share the art making process and creative products in public spaces to stimulate connection and flow. 


Connect to Your Creativity

We create space for people to take risks, imagine, invent, and connect to the self and others. 

Shannon Gerrity, founder of Creative Flow, has fifteen years of national and international experience facilitating creativity, community, and connection for children and adults.

She is a California licensed educator, a public school art teacher, and a 200-hour Kripalu yoga certified instructor. 

Shannon is an active artist represented at City Art Gallery in San Francisco. 


Let's Make Art!

We believe in bringing art making experiences to as many people as possible. 

We customize our services to meet your specific people and purpose needs. 



Exercise your creativity through 

regular art making with

daily, weekly, or monthly Creative Flow sessions.

Pricing varies and includes

set-up, clean-up, and materials

One to Two Hours Sessions


Customize art making experiences to support culture fortifying, team building, brainstorming, and productive play.

Pricing varies and includes

set-up, clean-up, and materials

One to Two Hours Sessions


Bring joyful and accessible

art making to your next celebration, conference, or event.


Pricing varies and includes

set-up, clean-up, and materials

One to Two Three Hour Events


Hear from Others

We know that actions speak louder than words.

Creative Flow loves learning and seeks growth through client surveys, research, and professional development.

Joshua Freund

Head of Well-being 

Jazz Pharmaceuticals

As the Head of Well-being programs for a rapidly growing global organization, I am constantly looking for new ways to engage employees and support their health, creativity, and engagement.  From our first correspondence, Creative Flow has been clear, thorough, and collaborative. Shannon is easy to work with and presents a clear rationale for why bringing Creative Flow to our employees will benefit them and our organization.  Creative Flow brought art making to my department and it was immediately accessible and engaging.  There were many opportunities for participants to iterate the experience and apply it to their own skill level and time constraints.  People found that this seemingly simple wire sculpture experience not only stoked their creativity but also helped give them a moment for a mental break that helped their thinking and mood.  Participants engaged others;  it brought a new energy to our day.  There is certainly a methodology to Shannon's fun; I'd trust her with both large and small endeavors and we are looking forward to future iterations of Shannon's work.

Carrie Melton

Program Administrator, State & Federal Programs

San Francisco Unified School District

Shannon is a talented and skilled educator who is experienced in facilitating learning for adults and children.  I have had the pleasure of collaborating on building arts integrated curriculum with her.  Shannon naturally engages and connects with her audience;  I saw this first hand when we presented our curriculum to leaders in the San Francisco Unified School District.  Shannon applies research to her creativity, naturally builds community, and works well with many moving pieces.  I wouldn't think twice about hiring Creative Flow to deliver a joyful and meaningful art making experience.    

Juan Manzo

Program Director

Arts Ed Matters

Shannon brought Creative Flow's Wire Work art experience to our event at Yerba Buena Gardens and adults and children alike were compelled to make art.  Shannon is an engaging facilitator that helps people of all ages access art making; her participants left feeling inspired and stimulated.  Creative Flow's Wire Work was so popular that even the extra supplies were used by the end of the two-hour event.  Shannon is relatable, reliable, and a consummate problem solver.  She has contracted for us twice; we will continue to hire her in the future.

Let's Connect!
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