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Hi!  My name is Shannon!

I am an art educator and the Founder of Creative Flow

Everyone is creative and anyone can make art!


  • Creative Flow taps productive play, the flow state, and creativity through accessible, process-based art making.  

  • We don’t do paint-by-number and you don't have to be “good” at art.    

  • Creative Flow offers stimulating and joyful ways to practice and absorb many essential, everyday nutrients. Everyone benefits and anyone can do it!

Complete the form below to receive:

Art! for Anyone, Anytime, Anywhere, a free resource which includes:

  • Creative Flow art making lessons,

  • creativity articles and research, and

  • videos that stretch and strengthen creativity

This free resource is a living document that will be evolving, 

incorporating participant feedback and need,

with fresh content added weekly.

Your information will never be shared or sold. 

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