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Art Is Transportation

Updated: May 29, 2020

Explore the unconscious and imagination, the absurd and the dreaming, through surrealism! Art making episode and song, mini lesson for KTVU's SF Loves Learning television show below!

Before You Begin:

Remember that art is ish, it's human, and whatever comes from you is what it's meant to be. There's no such thing as "good" or "bad," "right" or "wrong" in art, so get making!

When The Piece Feels Finished:

While art is never finished (it's alive and living!), share your art when you feel that it is grounded and whole - when you feel you have given it your full attention and care. You can share your art by hanging it on a wall in your house, posting it on-line, or mailing it to someone you love.

Scroll down to see examples, extending ideas, and making steps!

Art making episode:

Art Is Transportation mini episode and song:

Steps for Surrealist Art:

(Exquisite Corpse Steps Below)

1. Yell: "5, 4, 3, 2, 1, Make Art!" (This transitions your brain; there's research about this!)

2. Put on your imagination and brainstorm:

  • one noun

  • one action verb

  • one setting or moment.

3. Gather your materials:

  • Something to write on: paper (recycled, mail, used texts), cardboard or another hard surface, or canvass, etc

  • Something to write with: pencil, pen, markers, color pencils, crayon, paint and other mixed media material

3. Draw your imagined brainstorm!

Explore using mixed media (combining different materials like crayons and markers).

Remember that this art making process is ish; your art work might not look exactly like your imagination, and that is ok.

4. Extend this art process and make your drawing, or another idea, sculptural by using found objects in your environment or clay/play doh.

Steps for Exquisite Corpse:

1. Yell: "5, 4, 3, 2, 1, Make Art!" (This transitions your brain; there's research about this!)

2. Gather your materials:

  • Paper that you can fold

  • Writing utensils such as pen, pencil, color pencils, markers, crayons

  • Scissors

3. Build an exquisite corpse as a solo project or ask others to contribute to the different panels. This is an opportunity for interactive or public art!

4. Watch this video demonstration:

  • Fold your paper into three sections

  • Cut the outside thirds into three sections, making sure they line up

  • Fold the sections so that it looks like one section

  • Create your characters on the outside of each section

Reflecting on the Art and Process:

When you feel the art piece feels grounded and whole and you've given it your attention and care, see what you can notice:

  • What do you see in the art piece?

  • How does the art piece make you feel?

  • What does this art piece remind you of? (Does it remind you of books, movies, songs, performances, other ideas or experiences?)

  • How might this art piece live in the world? (I wonder what it would be like to cut this into pieces and collage it in other ways. I could also turn it into bookmarks. Or, I could write a note on the back and send it to my grandpa; I think he'd really enjoy it on his fridge.)

7. Notice your state-of-being: how do you feel? How can you describe your state-of-being?

8. Repeat the process and create a series.

Play with constraints:

  • use words that begin with the same letter

  • use a specific number of colors

  • create a collaborative piece with someone else, taking turns filling in the empty areas

  • set a timer and only make for a specific amount of time

And, voilà: you've made surrealist art!

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