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Art The Alphabet

Updated: Mar 24, 2020

Get abstract with the lines of the alphabet and see what imaginary world you can create!

  • Abstract art is an excellent tool for productive play, boundary pushing, and imagination.

  • Even though it does not look realistic, like a photograph, it is still art!

  • See what happens to your thinking when you use an alphabet as a series of lines to create new meaning.

  • Learn how Masako Miki uses abstract art to express her authentic self and experience as a Japanese immigrant to San Francisco.

Before You Begin:

Remember that art is ish, it's human, and whatever comes from you is what it's meant to be. There's no such thing as "good" or "bad," "right" or "wrong" in art, so get making!

When The Piece Feels Finished:

While art is never finished (it's alive and living!), share your art when you feel that it is grounded and whole - when you feel you have given it your full attention and care. You can share your art by hanging it on a wall in your house, posting it on-line, or mailing it to someone you love.

Steps for Creating Abstract Alphabet Art:

1. Yell: "5, 4, 3, 2, 1, Make Art!" (This transitions your brain; there's research about this!)

2. Choose one dark color to create your abstract alphabet lines.

3. You can use any alphabet you know! The alphabet - any alphabet - is just a bunch of lines, combined.

4. Start from the beginning of the alphabet and go to the end.

5. Make it abstract:

  • Use capital and lowercase letters/characters (if it applies)

  • Overlap and intertwine the letter/characters

  • Turn the page making some letters/characters upside down or sideways

  • Make letters small and large

  • Create an abstract scene or being, or just see where the letters take you

6. Now add different colors and media (crayon, color pencil, marker, paint) and fill in the negative, empty space.

7. When you feel the piece feels grounded and whole and you've given it your attention and care, see what you can notice:

  • What do you see in the art piece? (I see many different textures. Focusing on the negative space or the positive space creates different experiences with the piece.)

  • How does the art piece make you feel? (The indigo line makes me feel like I'm on a journey. I also feel proud of my process; I tried a different approach to making.)

  • What does this art piece remind you of? (This piece reminds me of a heliograph; there seems to be meaning, but I have to be a detective to figure out what it is.)

  • How might this art piece live in the world? (This piece might be interesting to put to music. I wonder what it would sound like if this art piece was a song.)

7. Share your art with others! See if your viewers can find the letters/characters of your alphabet.

8. Notice your state-of-being: how do you feel? How can you describe your state-of-being?

And, voilà: you've made abstract alphabet art!

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